Ari Robinson

Ari holds a Ph. D degree in Neurobiology from the Tel-Aviv university. His Ph. D thesis was in the field of cellular biology and focused on mitochondrial regulation by the Alzheimer’s disease associated protein Presenilin 1 (PS1). Before Ari joined IMBM, he was working for biotechnology start-up company (Delphar biopharma) in the fields of drug discovery and as a researcher at the Joseph Sagol Neuroscience Center (JSNC) at Sheba hospital. Ari joined IMBM in 2020 and he manages the three projects that IMBM is currently working on, in the field of Prostate cancer, Melanoma and Covid-19.


Scientific activity in 2023

Ari will focus on the analysis of colon cancer tumor dynamics from 3 different clinical trials datasets. In addition, Ari will incorporate and analyze 2 real-world datasets of advanced melanoma patients from Germany and Australia for the analysis of histopathological type influence on the overall survival of the patients, in the era of immunotherapy. 


  1. Publications

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