Avi Gillis

Since 2018, Avi has lead the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Project at IMBM, a collaborative effort with Hadassah University Hospital. This goal of this project is to assist ICU physicians in assessing the potential efficacy of immunotherapy drugs for cases of sepsis. More specifically, Avi has built a model which describes the immune dynamics in sepsis patients which can lead to immunosuppression. The current status of Avi’s research is refinement of the model in order to find optimal dosing schedules for programmed cell death protein 1 blockers in cases of sepsis.


Gillis A, Beil M, Halevi-Tobias K, van Heerden PV, Sviri S, Agur Z. Alleviation of exhaustion-induced immunosuppression and sepsis by immune checkpoint blockers sequentially administered with antibiotics-analysis of a new mathematical model. Intens Care Med Exp 2019; 7.